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Palomar Emerge™ Fractional Laser works to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin in the skin, promoting a more youthful skin. Emerge uses microscopic points of light to target a small fraction of the skin at a time on precise areas below the skin's surface. Fractional laser is the smart and proven approach to skin resurfacing that uses multiple laser microbeams to create zones of treated tissue surrounded by untreated tissue. This provides faster healing and reduced side effects.

Our new Emerge™ Fractional Laser features diode laser technology to deliver this laser energy as an array of tiny microbeams. This creates columns of coagulation in the epidermis and dermis while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected, allowing the body's natural healing process to create new, healthy tissue to replace the coagulated columns.

Emerge Laser has made it easier than ever to get the most beautiful skin. This is the very latest in laser skin-resurfacing technology. It is a Cynosure product which is used to treat a number of skin imperfections on the body and face. These treatments from Ella Rouge can very effectively improve a range of skin flaws & give you the beautiful, radiant and youthful skin you want. Emerge Laser treatments can significantly improve the appearance of:

Fine lines | Wrinkles | Skin tone & texture | Large pores | Large pores


Emerge Laser technology is not as intense as other existing laser technologies as it does not really burn-off the older cells in a harsh manner. On the other hand, it provides very steady and lasting results. The benefits of Emerge Laser are:

Prevents visible signs of ageing | Improves appearance of scarring & stretch marks | Fresher and smoother skin | Improves skin tone & texture | Reduced wrinkles & fine lines | Reduced sun damage | Reduced pigmentation | No anaesthesia required | Medical Grade | TGA cleared | Minimum to almost no downtime 


Age hinders the natural rejuvenation process of the skin and over time the older cells do not get replaced with healthy, new skin cells as easily or fast as they did, when you were younger. We offer you Emerge Laser technology that will help in reducing all sagging skin, forehead wrinkles and lip lines. 

It is safe even for use on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, the effect is much more evident when you opt for our Emerge Laser packages. 

For details about which skin treatments will be best for you, call Ella Rouge on 1300 355 276 for an appointment or simply email us via our online form

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