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Phone: (02) 9707 4988
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Despite what one might think, beauty salons do serve a vital purpose. There are many people who simply dismiss them but they offer a small break away from the hectic, busy world we live in. At Ella Rouge, we see several of our clients come simply to relax and let go of their stress. Beauty salon in Bankstown serves the dual purpose of attending to all your beauty needs and pampering you at the same time. Our salons offer everything from massages to facials, and more. When you step into our beauty salon, we try to understand what you and your skin need. Our experienced beauty therapists study your skin thoroughly, trying to understand its type and problems. After they have an understanding of your skin, they make various suggestions and offer advice whenever needed. You can trust their knowledge and don’t need to experiment with different treatments before finding the right one. If you want to try out our different treatments, you can. We also offer different beauty packages such as the Red Carpet Glow package, or the Spoilt Rotten package that includes several different treatments. You can pick a package based on your requirements, picking one that suits your needs.
The appearance of lines and wrinkles is perhaps inevitable. Ageing is a natural process, after all. However, this natural process can sometimes make you feel old, insecure, and self-conscious. Some people age beautifully, they tend to wear all the lines with natural and enviable grace. That’s not possible with everyone. At Ella Rouge, we’ve noticed that our clients start to look for solutions the moment they start noticing all the lines and wrinkles in the mirror. When our clients come to us with such problems, we carefully examine their skin. We have laser treatments and facials that might address the problem. However, if we see several deep lines, we recommend dermal fillers in Bankstown. Unlike different facelifts and chemical peels, dermal fillers are nearly painless and quickly show results. Facelifts involve invasive surgery, and peels can be unpleasant and cause redness that generally lasts for several days. One of the main causes of age line is a loss of volume and fat. The muscles underneath your skin have lines and groves, when you face starts to lose fat; the topmost layer of your skin starts to come in contact with the muscles underneath. Dermal fillers add volume wherever it is needed.
You face is the most visible and vulnerable part of your body. It is exposed to several harsh external elements and over time, they leave behind their marks. Exposure to the sun, or stress can have consequences that are immediately apparent on your skin. Because of this, it’s vital to take care of your face, to be diligent in your efforts to maintain it. Unfortunately, not many have the time or the patience to practice a thorough skincare routine. That, of course, compounds the problem and leads to damaged, pigmented or prematurely aged skin. There are ways through which you can regain and retain your natural beauty. Having regular facials in Bankstown done at our beauty clinic is a great option. A good facial can deal with any damage caused due to time, exposure, or neglect. At Ella Rouge, we have seen the effectiveness of good facials on even the most dull and neglected faces. Several of our clients have a facial treatment once a month to keep their skin glowing and radiant for a long time. When you come to our clinic in Bankstown for a facial, you expect the best. Many of our clients rely on our beauty therapists’ expertise and are relived that they won’t have to experiment with different treatments.
There are several techniques to remove unwanted hair. Shaving, for example, is just cutting your hair as close to your skin as possible. Hair removal creams, on the other hand, are messy and possess a strong odour. Eventually, you hair will grow back, rough and thick. Waxing is a convenient option but some people want a more permanent solution. Laser hair removal is the best way to permanently remove unwanted hair. Usually, the expense involved and the lack of awareness holds people back from trying laser hair removal in Bankstown. It would take a just a little bit of research to realize that laser treatments are very gentle on your skin, even if you have sensitive, allergy-prone skin. The procedure can cause a faint pricking sensation but that’s very easy to ignore. It takes a session every 4 to 6 weeks for a year and a skilled person to achieve the best results. The laser removes hair from the root. It essentially burns the hair in the root. This process can cause some damage to the hair follicle, which stops hair growth for several years. We at Ella Rouge, usually recommend that our regular clients opt for this treatment if they are tired of other methods.
Every woman wants beautiful and lush full lips but that’s not always easy to get. People might be unaware, but plump lips make your face more expressive and can radically transform your smile. While there are several people who want to have full lips, they’re reluctant to actually do anything about. They have seen evidence that when a procedure goes wrong, it can have disastrous and permanent effects. We at Ella Rouge are quick to reassure our clients that our lip fillers don’t usually have such consequences. Lip fillers in Bankstown has grown to become one of our more popular products. Our clients have started to see the effectiveness of the procedure. We have an experienced team of a plastic surgeon, cosmetic doctor, and a nursing staff that help. Before we begin the procedure, we make sure that you need it. In some cases, no enhancement is required. When it is required, we make sure that the procedure is performed properly. Our lip fillers are safe and effective. They contain hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in your body. Even people with sensitive skin don’t react negatively to our lip filler treatment. Our experts apply the injection so that your lips look full and natural.
At Ella Rouge, we recommend all of our clients to have a massage done. We do this, not because we gain profit from it, but because they provide genuine benefit to our clients. Today, almost everyone leads a stressful life and it can be easy to ignore your health in the process. A regular massage can break the cycle of stress, stopping it from pilling up and causing you and your body harm. The benefits of a good massage are universally known. They have been used for several hundred years in ancient civilizations all over the world. Massage done by a skilled masseuse can be relaxing and invigorating. Because of that, we always urge our clients to book a massage in Bankstown. We have skilled masseuse who are very popular with our regular clients. You can book a 30 minute back massage or a 60 minute full-body massage. It depends on you and the time you have. You can be sure that you’ll walk out of our clinic with a smile on your face. Our masseuse knows how to find difficult knots and tension points on your body and gently ease them away. They blend different essential oils to achieve the best result.
Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. It helps to reduce several skin problems like blemishes, pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Our clients find it particularly effective against more stubborn dark spots. Microdermabrasion procedure is very simple to understand. Several women have tried using facial scrub before. The process is essentially the same. It removes the top layer of skin, which has the most damage. After a few sessions, you can see the youthful and healthy skin underneath. At Ella Rouge, we don’t provide recommendations lightly. Our beauty therapists carefully examine your skin before suggesting microdermabrasion. It can reduce hyperpigmentation, signs of aging and remove dead skin cell. If all these problems exist on the topmost layer of your skin, this is an effective method. Our cosmetic doctors analyse your skin to determine how many sessions you might need. At first, we need to be sure that your skin needs microdermabrasion before they proceed with the treatment. Once your face is appropriately prepared, they spray microparticles on it that gently sand your skin. The process of microdermabrasion in Bankstown is generally painless. Most of our clients have only felt a faint prickling sensation. They admit that the procedure doesn’t cause them too much discomfort.
A tired and dull face can adversely affect your appearance, your social and professional life. Many women are forced to apply makeup everyday in an effort to look less stressed. Eventually, though, women want to get rid of the issue at its roots. Stress, harsh external elements and similar problems generally can’t be avoided. However, they can be addressed by skin rejuvenation in Bankstown. At Ella Rouge, we believe that if you attend to your skin’s needs regularly, you’ll look fresh and youthful for several years. As our beauty therapists usually examine your skin whenever your step into our clinic, they are familiar with your needs. They might make recommendations to address your particular skin issues. Generally, we suggest our clients to address problems immediately. They can become worse if they’re allowed to linger. For this purpose, we have several skin rejuvenation treatments. We have oxygen-based facials and dermabrasion. Our effective skin rejuvenation treatments also include different laser treatments performed using three lasers. We primarily use Fraxel, Emerge, and IPL lasers, which are all medical grade and immensely effective. Along with these options, we also offer micro needling for skin rejuvenation. During this procedure, tiny needles prick the surface of your skin to stimulate growth and repair.
Everyone loves golden-hued skin. It gives you a warmer, more welcome appearance. However, not everyone is blessed with easily tanned or naturally golden complexion. Some people don’t react well to excessive exposure to the harsh Australian sun. Unfortunately, many people don’t even have the time to lounge in the sun and carefully build up a tan. Some opt for a tanning booth to avoid the harmful consequences of being exposed to the sun, but even that takes time and can be uncomfortable. In such cases, spray tanning in Bankstown is an excellent alternative. We’re aware that not many are comfortable with the spray tanning option. You’ve probably seen several people look like orange-skinned aliens because of excessive and heavy-handed application. One of the best ways to avoid this is to have a skilled person apply it on your skin. At Ella Rouge, we have experienced and trained beauty therapists who’ll not only apply spray tanning in a short time, they’ll apply it carefully. They know that they need to use only moderate amounts. The intention is to ensure that people don’t end up with unnaturally coloured skin. They make sure that there are no visible lines or spots left behind.
There are several different ways to deal with unwanted hair today. Some people prefer to address it permanently by opting for laser hair removal treatments. Others shave daily to ensure that their skin is smooth and hair-free. There are several women who use hair removal creams and some who just don’t bother. However, a large number of women actually prefer waxing to any other method. This surprises many who haven’t experienced waxing. The procedure has gained a bit of a reputation for being extremely painful. That’s easy to believe since waxing tears hair from your roots. Everyone knows that that is painful. However, most women who’ve tried waxing know that a skilled beauty therapist makes all the difference. There’s no shortage of women who book an appointment for waxing in Bankstown. It is our most popular product in most of our branches. Ella Rouge’s skilled employees wax quickly and efficiently, ensuring that our clients experience the least amount of pain possible. The discomfort is worth the rewards. Waxing is very affordable and its effects can last for over 4 weeks at a time. As the hair is removed from the root, it grows back slowly and gradually. It’s also very soft and light, so you don’t have to deal with rough skin.

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