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Australian Skin Clinics Bondi

Address: Shop 2005 | Level 2, 500 Oxford Street , NSW , Bondi Junction
Australia 2022
Phone: (02) 9388 9733
Phone: (02) 9388 9733
State: NSW
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Mon: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
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Everyone needs to take a break sometimes, even if it is a tiny one. One of the best ways to do it is by booking an appointment at a beauty salon in Bondi. People don’t always have the time or the resources to take a vacation or a long weekend. They can simply allow themselves to be pampered at the hands of the beauty therapist at a beauty salon. You’ll walk out not only looking good, but also feeling good. Women have long known the benefits of a relaxing couple of hours at a beauty salon; men are waking up to it too. At Ella Rouge, we believe that everyone should visit a salon at least once in a month. That way, you can keep yourself looking fresh and ready at all times. When you step into a beauty salon in Bondi, we carefully examine your skin for any imperfections. When our therapist has a good understanding of your skin, she would suggest various treatments that’ll address any skin problems. You have the option of following her advice or simply choose one of the beauty packages we have available. For example, you can select Red Carpet Glow package, which is very popular.
Have you started to spot fine lines and wrinkles in the mirror? Can you see the most prominent signs of aging ruining your youthful looks? Instead of worrying, consider dermal fillers in our Bondi clinic. Don’t be intimidated by the mention of dermal fillers. The procedure is very simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. Not only is it safe to use, its effects are also immediately apparent. You no longer need to frown at your mirror. At Ella Rouge, we have a team of experienced plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, and nursing staff. They are well adept at performing the procedure. We’re very committed to giving you a natural looking result. Unlike facelifts, you won’t have to go under the knife for this procedure. You won’t have to risk your skin with harsh chemical peels. Dermal fillers are a safe, easy, and quick solution to get rid of wrinkles. The process is simple. You just have to book an appointment for dermal fillers in Bondi at our clinic. Our experts will analyse and map your skin, marking the right areas for the filler injections. The filling solution contains hyaluroinic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. They administer the injection for a beautifully youthful look.
Sometimes, your face needs an extra bit of care and attention. It’s not always possible for you to have a nightly skin-care routine. Today, many people are forced to neglect their skin, having too many commitments and too little time. In such cases, a monthly facial can maintain your skin’s health and address any problems that emerge. The facials in Bondi at our clinic are very popular because they’re done by experienced beauty therapists. They have studied and worked with different facial treatments and know which is best for which type of skin. At Ella Rouge, we aim to deliver the best results and for us, that means that our clients leave our doorstep looking their best. To achieve this, we follow a strict methodology. When you first come in, our therapists thoroughly examine your skin. All our facials are well suited for all skin-types but some are more effective than others on different kinds of skin. Once our therapists have gained a complete understanding of your skin, they provide their suggestions. You’re not obliged to follow their suggestions but most of our clients find it more convenient to do so. That way, they don’t have to experiment with different facials to find the perfect fit.
Unwanted hair can be the bane of your existence. In many cases, it can also be embarrassing. Some women have dark and visible facial hair growth due to hormonal imbalance; some just have excessive body hair. Either way, laser hair removal in Bondi might just be what your need. There are many people who are intimidated by the mention of lasers. The lasers that we use at Ella Rouge are top-of-the-line, medical grade lasers that are absolutely safe. We use Palomar’s StarLux 500 laser for laser hair removal in Bondi. This is the best laser available in the market. It burns the hair from the roots, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. The procedure is simple and doesn’t take much time. When you walk into our clinic, we examine the area that needs to be treated, depending on the thickness and colour of the hair, we give you a timeline. After you’re comfortable and have all the knowledge you need, we go ahead and perform laser hair removal. It can take several sessions over the course of a year but the end results are worth it. As the roots are damaged by the laser, the hair doesn’t grow back for a long time.
Not many people know this but lips add a lot to the general expressiveness of your face. They smile when happy, purse when angry, scowl when displeased and grin with elated. While plump lips give the impression of youth and beauty, thin lips speak of age and passing of time. While, on some faces, thin lips can be becoming, on others, they can be out of place. Most people believe that they can’t get fuller lips. There’s a solution. One of the best solutions is getting lip fillers in Bondi at our clinic. At Ella Rouge, we have several clients who wish to have fuller lips but hesitate because they don’t know a safe, effective method to gain them. When you first step into our clinic, our beauty therapists examine your lips and understand your facial features. In some cases, lip fillers might not be the best idea. Our therapists are always honest with our clients and admit plainly if that’s the case. However, if lip fillers are a good option for you, our experienced cosmetic doctors will mark the injection sites carefully. Unlike other procedures, we’re able to monitor the progress and ensure that your lips look natural and fit with your features.
Very few things are as relaxing as a massage at our Bondi clinic. A great massage in Bondi can remove several weeks’ worth of stress and tension, allowing you to let go of the cares of the world, simply relaxing for a while. A massage takes very little time but the effects of it can last for several days, keeping you healthy and relaxed. There are many who are sceptical about the effectiveness of a massage, but it’s tried and tested remedy for stress. A good masseuse will know how to find tense muscles and knots. She’ll use skill and experience to slowly ease the stiffness away. At Ella Rouge, you can pick a massage according to your convenience. We have a 30 minute back massage and a 60 minute, full body massage. Both these massages in our Bondi clinics are performed by trained experts. Once you walk in, you can be sure that you’ll be completely relaxed by the end of the session. You won’t just get the benefit of a massage, but also of the essential oils used in the massage. Our masseuse knows how to blend different oils to maximum effect. She will find the best combination of oils to address stress and similar problems.
While the name sounds intimidating and complex, microdermabrasion isn’t really a complex procedure. It’s essentially polishing the surface to reveal the layer of unspoiled skin underneath. That might sound painful but it’s actually relatively painless. For the most part, you just gently spray micro-crystals on your skin that sand away the topmost layer. Microdermabrasion in Bondi doesn’t even take much time. At Ella Rouge, we have several clients who take advantage of regular microdermabrasion treatments to keep their skin looking youthful and clear. The procedure is simple. Before we start the treatment, we examine your skin carefully. We need to determine whether your skin needs microdermabrasion treatment. In some cases, an intense facial is enough. In other cases, clients need to the more invasive dermabrasion treatment. Once we’ve examined your skin thoroughly, we proceed with our treatment. Our clients freely admit that they don’t feel anything more than a prickling sensation. Microdermabrasion has a tendency to feel like a scrub and while some people experience redness, it fades away in a few hours. After the treatment, small blemishes, lines and wrinkles disappear, leaving you looking more youthful and fresh. It is definitely a very effective treatment against some skin problems.
You skin can get lifeless, dull, and tired after a while. It can be due to stress, lack of care or exposure to hasher elements. At Ella Rouge, we have skilled beauty therapists who can bring your skin back to life. We have several skin rejuvenation in Bondi treatments like oxygen based facials and oxygen-enhanced dermabrasion. These will revitalize your skin, giving it a youthful glow. We also have micro needling treatments. In this procedure, micro needles gently injure the skin by pricking it. The injuries tend to subtly stimulate growth as well as regeneration. We also offer the latest in laser technology. We have different kinds of treatments for skin rejuvenation. We can address visible signs of aging using Fraxel laser. This treatment is also effective against different marks and scars. We use Palomar Emerge laser that stimulates collagen and elastin in your skin. That’ll eventually regenerate your skin. You also have the option of choosing IPL laser treatment. This laser treatment will encourage collagen and elastin in your skin, as well. Medical grade lasers are used in all treatments and they’re absolutely safe for use. Even our clients with sensitive skin haven’t found any problems with the lasers.
Some people has a natural golden tan, others can easily attain the tan with a few hours out in the sun. But that’s not always an option for people with sensitive skin or those who get sun-burned easily. Enduring several hours of sunlight might not be healthy for your skin either. One of the best alternatives to getting an actual tan is to get spray tanning in Bondi at our clinic. Many people hesitate to apply spray tans because they think that it looks unnatural. You’re exposed to badly done spray tanning in the media. Some people are heavy-handed with their application and you can end up with orange looking skin. At Ella Rouge, we have experienced beauty therapists who know how to apply tans delicately and lightly. Your skin would look naturally golden, without any lines or spots. Applying an even tan takes a great deal of skill. However, the end result is similar to a natural tan without the discomfort of sitting out in the sun for long hours at a time. Spray tans save you the time and the effort. Our spray tanning lasts for 7 days easily, allowing you to enjoy the golden-toned skin for a long time.
Aren’t you tired of running the razor along your limbs every day? If you have sensitive skin, that can be a nightmare. All the mess and effort for results that barely last a day. The alternative is to use hair removal creams that have an unpleasant odour and can lead to allergies or rashes. More and more people are discarding their razors and opting for waxing in Bondi. At Ella Rouge, it is one of our most popular products. Several people come here to wax on a regular basis. Waxing in our Bondi clinics are done by experienced hands. You don’t have to worry about enduring unnecessary pain. Most of our beauty therapists are aware that a quick an efficient session is required to keep our client’s discomfort at the minimum. Popular culture and media have exaggerated the pain involved in waxing. People who haven’t waxed, hesitate to do it because they think it might be a very painful experience and not worth the effort. However, when done properly, waxing isn’t as painful. It removes hair from the roots, allowing you four to five weeks of smooth, hairless skin. It’s a natural, safe method that’s been around for several centuries. Waxing is one the best and most affordable ways to deal with unwanted hair.

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