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Phone: (02) 9635 7444
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A beauty salon can be a woman’s best friend when she’s stressed and under pressure. It’s a place she can simply let go of her cares and relax for awhile. Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while, after all. A beauty salon is your break away from the world, especially for people who don’t have time to take vacations and let go of the stress for a while. The right salon would pamper you and take care of your every need. At Ella Rouge, you don’t need to even worry about picking the treatments, our beauty therapists are always willing give you suggestions. Our beauty salon in Parramatta is very popular because we have excellent therapists working here. They study your skin thoroughly, making sure they understand it before carrying out any treatments. Because of their experience, they know just how effective a particular treatment would be for your particular skin type. Several of our regular clients simply sit back and let the therapists decide. Of course, not everyone is comfortable with that. You can pick any treatment you like. We also offer beauty packages that can give you the benefit of several different treatments.
Looking into the mirror and seeing lines and wrinkles on a previously youthful face is perhaps inevitable. Eventually, everyone starts to lose their young skin and has to face the disappointment that comes along with it. Some age gracefully, others aren’t so fortunate. Natural aging can be stressful enough, premature aging can cause a person to become insecure and retreat from social life. There are several causes of premature aging, including exposure to the harsh Australian sun, personal and professional stress, health problems, etc. There are treatments like harsh chemical peels, invasive cosmetic surgery and facelifts, etc. to take care of the lines and wrinkles. However, these solutions can be painful and time consuming. When our clients ask us for advice on the matter, Ella Rouge always recommends dermal fillers in Parramatta. Lines and wrinkles usually appear because, as you age, your face starts to lose fat and volume. The process is quite similar to the loss of baby fat that gave you a more mature appearance. This fat is actually a cushion between your facial muscles and the layers of your skin. When you start to lose fat, your skin is closer to your facial muscles and sinks into the groves and crevices.
At Ella Rouge, facials a very popular product and many of our regular clients schedule it regularly. In fact, most have a facial treatment once a month. We’ve seen that people are generally too busy to follow a fixed skincare routine. Many of our clients readily admit that they don’t have the time to do more than removing makeup and washing their face. They don’t follow a set cleansing, toning, and moisturizing ritual that would maintain the health of their skin. Unfortunately, this means that dirt, natural oils secreted by the skin, dead cells, etc are not removed and therefore can do a lot of damage over a short period of time. Good facials will to undo that damage before it penetrates deeper into the skin and causes more problems. We offer a variety of facials in Parramatta, including oxygen facials for intense hydration. We have Hydropetide Anti-Ageing Facial for aging and rejuvenated skin. We also provide a facial to ease irritated skin. Not all clients can easily decide which option is best for them. They rely on our expert beauty therapists and their suggestions. As our therapists examine your skin before offering suggestions, you don’t have to experiment with different facials treatments.
Today, most women don’t want to spend valuable time every day shaving. Some recoil at the thought of using hair removal creams and others don’t want to endure a waxing session. Thanks to the advances in technology, you don’t have to endure all that trouble anymore. You can opt for laser hair removal in Parramatta. With internet, all information is available at the click of a button. Because of this, people are forgoing the traditional hair removal treatments and opting for laser hair removal instead. That’s because there’s more information available and people are aware of the factors involved in laser hair removal now. We at Ella Rouge started to offer laser hair removal in 1997. It is not longer limited to wealthy people and celebrities. The laser technology has developed over the years and become more precise and advanced. Now laser hair removal technology is affordable and safe enough for everyone to use. We use the Palomar StarLux500 laser, which is a medical grade laser. It won’t burn or harm your skin in any way. Some of our clients have experienced a slight redness but it only lasts for a couple of hours before going away. The treatment is painless and effective.
Some people aren’t aware of it, but lips play a major role in the expressiveness of your face. They’re also one of the most attractive features on a person. Women who’re fond of lip-sticks want full lips to showcase their favourite colours. At Ella Rouge, we’ve seen many clients complain about thin and pursed lips. However, while they want to have fuller lips, they’re hesitant about trying lip fillers in Parramatta. They’re rightfully worried that if the procedure goes awry, it’ll ruin their features. We’re quick to point out that the people who have tried the treatment are generally satisfied with the results. As we have more control, we can determine how much your lips should be altered. Lip fillers are made from the same compound as dermal fillers; they contain hyaluronic acid, which is naturally available in your body. The solution is gently injected into your lips at specific points. Our doctors can monitor the shape of your lips as it changes gradually. They pay careful attention so that the end result is natural and fits in with all your features. With our lip fillers, you can enjoy plumb, full lips for several months at a time.
We’ve seen several of our clients walk into our clinics looking stressed and tired. We can tell by the way they hold themselves that their body feels stiff and tense. At Ella Rouge, our mission is to give our clients a complete beauty solution but we also want you to be comfortable and relaxed as well. That’s why we urge them to try a massage in Parramatta. A good massage can make you feel very light. As we subject our body to harrowing commutes several hours of sitting at the desk and vigorous activity, it needs to be pampered sometimes. We always encourage people to have a thorough massage once a month. In our clinics we offer a 30 minute back massage. During this massage, our masseuse keeps her attention on your back, shoulder, neck, and arms. Her experienced hands find the tense muscles and strain and apply just enough pressure to relieve them. You can also try our full body massage, which takes an hour. Our experts focus on your entire body, including your legs, feet, head, and face. All our masseuse want you to feel completely at ease and relaxed by the time they’re done with the massage.
Your face is almost always exposed to harmful elements like the Australian sun, the dirt and pollution in the cities and other such forces. Naturally, that causes harm and damages your skin. Over time, your face develops dark spots and blemishes, and sometimes even lines, and wrinkles. Unfortunately, no one is immune to this kind of wear and tear. Even people who take meticulous care of their skin will eventually find damage on its surface. That’s why we at Ella Rouge always recommend microdermabrasion in Parramatta. Microdermabrasion is a very simple, non-surgical and non-chemical procedure. It works to bring back the youthful glow and radiance of your skin. During the procedure, our cosmetic doctors spray microcrystals on your skin. These microparticles gently remove the topmost layer of your skin, which is heavily damaged. The procedure isn’t painful and doesn’t cause any side effects. It’s very similar to an applying exfoliating scrub. Some clients do experience a small amount of redness. The new skin underneath is usually clear of blemishes or shallow scars. Our clients are always pleased with the results of microdermabrasion. The skin afterwards feels baby-soft and youthful for quite a while. It’s a safe procedure for sensitive skin.
There are several things that can damage your skin on a day-to-basis. The Australian sun, stress, health problems, etc, can leave it looking dry, dull, and tired. There are several people who ignore this, thinking that eventually, their skin would bounce back. However, that only leads to more problems down the line. The best solution is to provide your skin with intense care of skin rejuvenation in Parramatta. At Ella Rouge, when you walk into our clinic, the first order of business is to examine your skin and understand its needs. After they’re sure they know the problems, they suggest solutions. There’s no lack of options. We have several treatments available to address different issues. Skin rejuvenation can be a tall order, sometimes, especially if the damage to your skin is more. Thankfully, we have intensive and effective solutions. You can opt for one of three laser treatments, including the Fraxel laser. It works to reduce early signs of aging, and can be effective against marks and scars as well. We also have the Palomar Emerge laser and the IPL laser. They address signs of aging as well and stimulate the collagen and elastin in your skin, leading to bright, rejuvenated skin.
You, along with several others in Australia, might covet naturally vibrant golden skin. That’s a picture of good health, after all. Tanned skin looks great, makes to appear more outgoing and approachable. However, in most cases, achieving that result takes time and commitment. Sun bathing on the beach is well and good but it can take hours to develop that perfect, even tan. Moreover, given how harsh Australian sun can be, excessive exposure to it can cause skin damage like blemishes and spots. It can also lead to premature aging. Why go through all that trouble and risk your skin when you can get that golden skin tone without the sun? We always encourage our clients to try spray tanning in Parramatta. Of course, several people are generally wary of spray tanning, with good reasons. Badly applied spray tanning can appear orange and unnatural. At Ella Rouge, makes sure that our beauty therapists are skilled enough and have experience in applying spray tanning. We’re aware that the procedure requires a light hand. If applied correctly, one can hardly tell the difference between spray tanning and a natural tan. We always ensure that the spray tan is applied evenly all over the skin.
Waxing is one of our most popular products simply because it is so convenient. The results of one waxing session can last for several weeks, depending on your personal rate of hair growth. This is primarily because when you wax, you pull hair straight from the roots. Eventually, that hair is going to grow back, but when it does, it’s soft and light in most cases. You won’t get that unpleasant prickling sensation when the hair starts growing. Waxing in Parramatta saves time and money. The treatment is relatively inexpensive and offers a long term solution. The only reason people hesitate is because they anticipate a lot of pain. At Ella Rouge, we assure our new clients that as long as the beauty therapist is experienced, waxing is relatively painless. If the therapist isn’t skilled, the process can be painful. Fortunately, all our employees have several years of experience and even our trainees are taught the correct method from the beginning. Because hair takes nearly four weeks to grow back, our clients generally book a waxing session once a month.

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