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About Laser IPL

Proven to be safer for the skin than laser-that's why we choose IPL as the preferred method of hair reduction. IPL offers a medical grade, gentle, non-invasive, long-lasting solution for unwanted hair. IPL has been performed safely for many years, effectively eliminating dozens of hairs with each pulse.

IPL / Laser Hair Removal by Palomar StarLux 500 is the most powerful, highest quality, medical grade system available in the world. Palomar (USA) was the first light-based technology company to receive FDA and TGA clearance for Permanent Hair Reduction. Since then, the company has continued to develop more powerful and effective technology to achieve the quickest possible hair clearance.  

Why Palomar Starlux 500? 
• Proven to be Less Painful that Laser and Safer for the Skin
• Intense Pulsed Light 
• Fast & Effective 
• Medical Grade  
• Long Term Results 
• Inbuilt cooling device for comfort and safety 
• Most affordable pricing available     

Unlike shaving that lasts a couple of days, or waxing which lasts a couple of weeks and can often result in painful ingrown hairs, or even ongoing painfully tedious electrolysis. IPL/Laser hair removal offers a permanent hair reduction solution in a few treatments with minimal discomfort to permanently minimise hair growth.  

We have always used only medically recognised TGA and FDA cleared hair removal systems in our clinics and whilst our prices are low, our machinery is first class.



• IPL/Laser removal provides permanent hair reduction in unwanted facial and body hair for those who suffer excessive hair growth or just desire smooth skin.
• Aids in the reduction of unsightly and painful ingrowing hairs. IPL/Laser can remove long term ingrown hairs caused from waxing or shaving, and prevent new ingrown hairs from appearing.
• There is little ongoing hair maintenance. As hair reduces, maintenance treatments as required are all that’s needed.
• There are ongoing savings. For most people after initial treatments, little or no further investment is required. Making this treatment option more cost effective than waxing in the long run.