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Omnilux is a cutting-edge LED technology that had been developed by the Manchester University in tandem with 2 front-running cancer-prevention companies in the UK. This was later developed into a non-surgical light therapy that is used in stimulating the renewal process of the skin. 

Based on the cancer research, Omnilux was further developed as a non-surgical light therapy to stimulate the skins own renewal process. There are treatments of 3 different wavelengths: infrared - Omnilux plus, red -Omnilux revive & blue- Omnilux blue. These wave- lengths excite particular cell-activity & based on the specific condition that is being treated. 


Ella Rouge offers clients an effective, non-invasive treatment which promotes very healthy skin function. It is used to treat: 

Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Rosacea | Acne |  Wound Healing & Scar Reduction | Fine lines and Wrinkles | Psoriasis


Pollution, the sun’s rays and aging can wreak havoc on your skin but help is close at hand. Omnilux can help with all these problems and rejuvenates your skin like no other treatment can. We provide different treatments such as: 

• Rejuvenation

• Clearing

• Plus 


Based on what your specific skin requirement is, we may use a combination of treatments. We are the skin specialists and once you entrust your skin in our hands, you can be assured of the best and most effective treatment. 

Regardless of whether you have scarring, surfer from skin redness, wrinkles or fine lines, we have the perfect treatment to keep your skin young-looking and healthy. We will turn on the Omnilux light and turn back time. 

For details about which skin treatments will be best for you, call Ella Rouge on 1300 355 276 for an appointment or simply email us via our online form

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