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Skin Peels

There are a number of skin treatments that can be used to keep signs of aging and the vagaries of pollution at bay. Skin peels from Ella Rouge are one of the best ways to turn back time and give your skin the youthful look it had. The skin peels that we use are safe, effective and fast and this resurfacing treatment provides very gentle exfoliation to hydrate and refresh your skin. 


There is not much of a downtime and you will be amazed with the difference that a course of these specialized peels can make. You will find your skin looking younger and feeling firmer and your confidence gets a definite boost. We have a vast range of skin peels. Far from popular belief, not all peels are chemical ones (which need a longer recovery time). These peels help in: 

• Freshening-up dull & de-vitalised, rough complexions.

• Minimises appearance of wrinkles & fine-lines.

• Reduces appearance of pigmentation & other sun-damage.

• Treats clogging & reduces congestion like acne.


All our skin peels work effectively and treat the deepest skin layers and they hydrate and strengthen your skin. Very soon you will notice a marked difference in the way your skin looks and feels. We have peels including: 

• Coffeeberry Brightening Peel - This is an effective skin-illuminator which brightens & evens the skin tone.

• Age Prevention Peel - Provides free radical protection and slows the skin ageing process.

• Mandelic Peel - This has anti-bacterial properties that are effective in the treatment of oily skin and acne.

We use the highest-grade skin peels and they all have different strengths & formulation. We test your skin type before providing you with the formulation that is perfect for you.

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